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Candy Corn Coaster Tutorial

100% cotton fabric (white, orange, and yellow)
Heavyweight fusible interfacing
Thread (white, orange, and yellow)
Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
Marking Pen
Wonder clips
Sewing machine

Iron fabric.

Measure and cut 2.25" x 14" strips of white fabric and yellow fabric each and a 2" x 14" strip of orange fabric.

Place white and orange strips right sides facing and sew together using 1/8" seam allowance. Repeat with orange and yellow fabric, then iron.

Print off template and cut out on dotted line. Place on fabric and trace around shape, then cut. Repeat so that you have two triangles with yellow, orange, and white, bottom to top.

Cut shape out on solid line. Trace and cut two triangles out of fusible interfacing. Mark the opening as indicated on the template.

Place interfacing fusible side down on wrong side of fabric, ensuring that it's centered. Repeat with second triangle. Iron until interfacing has fused to fabric, following manufacturer's directions. Flip over and iron out any wrinkles that may have formed.

Place right sides of fabric together, clip in place, and sew around the interfacing with white thread as close as you can without sewing through it. Leave an opening along bottom edge as marked earlier for turning right side out. Remember to back stitch at the beginning and end.

Snip threads. Trim corners and gently turn right side out, then iron. Hand sew opening closed using an invisible stitch.

Topstitch around each colour using matching thread. Remember to back stitch to secure the thread from coming undone.

Trim threads and you're finished!

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